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I help time-pressured executives who are struggling with their team's multiple good ideas evaluate which of these ideas to focus on applying human-centered design methodologies to drive product discovery, innovation and resilient designs. 

I have 15+ years of experience incubating, building, and scaling digital products to measurably improve customer and business outcomes. I pair strong business acumen with a proven record of leading teams to translate business goals into future-proof design concepts that deliver lasting user value and enhanced product-market fit.

I excel when partnering with cross-functional teams to solve complex problems by applying an entrepreneurial mindset that evaluates qualitative & quantitative data, technical feasibility, market signals, investment cost, and business goals.

Design as a partner workshop
Facilitating a Collaborative Brainstorming 1/2 day Workshop, 12/23

Notable achievements

  • Incubated & spearheaded a design strategy for 3 enterprise-level, digital health initiatives in a Fortune 4 company to improve the user experience for 110+M customers / 40+M daily users spanning 4 complex, product verticals.
  • Achieved a significant 33% adoption rate among R&D customers by designing and launching a user-friendly end-to-end solution for high throughput genomic, clinical, and health data analysis at the million+ participant scale.
  • Guided and empowered scrum teams in product discovery, continuous improvement, and UX design best practices, driving future-proof solutions though quantitative & qualitative user research, journey mapping, prototyping etc.
  • Set KPI’s for precise user experience outcomes tracking utilitizing Pendo across the platform to assess effectiveness of initiatives.


  • Cultivate long-term relationships with customers and lead advocacy groups to articulate use cases.

  • Foster trust and cross-functional partnerships through collaborative brainstorming workshops.

  • Identify user journeys and jobs-to-be done and map to the product architecture, roadmap, and strategy.

  • Conduct user research and leverage data-driven insights to drive product enhancements and innovation.

  • Set KPI’s for UX outcomes tracking and implement product-analytics to assess the effectiveness of initiatives.

  • Apply user experience and interaction design best practices to achieve useful, delightful digital solutions.

Selected Use Cases

Data visualization, Advanced queries Data visualization, Advanced queries

Seven Bridges Genomics

Healthcare Analytics Platform Product

Data Discovery, Analysis, & Insights at Scale

CVS Health

One Identity, One Login, One Account

Member Experience, Onboarding

Mount Holyoke College

Integration of Technology with Library Services

Digital & Physical Wayfinding, Unified Search

Mount Holyoke College

On Campus Dining Menus Solution

Experience Design, Nutrition

Artisan Web and Print

Clinical Informatics Product Marketing

Persona Development, Brand