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Use Case:

ARIA: Population Scale (1M+) Healthcare Analytics Platform Product

Design, build, and launch a SAAS product that supports developing therapies to treat, prevent, or manage diseases and health conditions. Incubate a centralized product that can process high throughput genomic, clinical, and health (RWE) in support of complex data exploration and analysis at the million+ participant scale. The unprecedented scalability and usability of the solution enables a broach range of users to manage and create cohorts and apply complex statistical analyses using visual filters, all within a connected and secure ecosystem.

Seven Bridges Genomics

Problem Space & Opportunity


Create and offer an easy-to-use product for clinical researchers to explore, analyze, and understand health data. The aim is to attract more users by making valuable data more accessible. Our target is to increase market share and achieve a 33% rise in yearly revenue.

Market Opportunity:

Accessing and analyzing vast genomic, clinical, and health datasets is limited to specialists who know programming languages like R or Python. The scarcity of these experts increases costs and slows down the development of new drug therapies for pharma and biotech companies.

We can speed up insights and cut costs for clinical trials and therapy development for pharma and biotech companies by creating a smart, easy-to-use product. This visual tool will let more researchers explore, analyze, note, and share data discoveries.


By making a user-friendly tool for clinical researchers and bioinformaticians, we can help create new scientific ideas faster. This will open access to real-time, large-scale genomics, clinical, and health data, leading to better patient outcomes at lower costs. Key differentiators include:

  • interactive browsing of common data models
  • configurable filters with advanced longitudinal queries
  • clear, robust data visualizations

The Goal:

Develop and offer a simple-to-use product that lets clinical researchers explore, analyze, and make conclusions from shared, interoperable health data. The aim is to attract more users by making valuable data accessible. We'll do this by creating an interactive visual interface that makes use of advanced technologies like cloud technology, quick data processing, AI, and data pipelines. Secure 10% of the total addressable market in the first year of launch to increase our annual revenue by 33%.

The Experience

Population scale analytics


  • Solution-layer:
    1-3 months
    • 2 scrum teams dedicated to the product delivery.
    • 1 scrum team exploring new product ideas.
  • Program-Layer:
    3-18 months
    • Product core team including Principal Product Manager, Scientific Liaison, Architect, and Principal Product Designer
  • Portfolio-Layer:
    1-5 years
    • SVP Scientific Strategy, VP Product & Design, Chief Architect, Chief Technology Officer


  • Storytelling

  • Service Design Workshops

  • Scientific & Clinical Stakeholder Collaboration

  • User Research

  • Wireframe & Prototype
  • Data Visualization

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