Use Case:

ARIA: Population Scale (1M+) Healthcare Analytics Platform Product

ARIA offers researchers a centralized solution for high throughput genomic, clinical, and health data analysis at the million+ participant scale. The unprecedented scalability of the solution enables users to manage and create cohorts and apply complex statistical analyses of their choosing, all within a connected and secure ecosystem.

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Problem Space & Opportunity


Access to explore and analyze large genomic, clinical, and health datasets to create clinical trials and develop precision medicine is limited to bioinformaticians with scripting expertise in R or Python. These specialists are rarer to find which increases cost and slows down time to market for novel drug therapies in the Precision Health market.


Accelerate time to insights and reduce significant clinical trial and precision medicine costs for biopharma and research institutions by designing and building a product with a streamlined, intelligent visual interface. This interactive user experience will enable a wider array of researchers and analysts to explore, analyze, annotate, and share data insights at scale.


An interactive user experience tailored to the research needs of clinicians and analysts will enable the formation of novel scientific hypotheses while accelerating time to insights by expanding access to real-time, population scale genomics and health data exploration. We can improve health outcomes for patients in shorter timelines at lower costs by providing clinical researchers with a product that enables the exploration and analysis of genomic and health datasets via

  • interactive browsing of common data models
  • configurable filters with advanced longitudinal queries
  • clear, robust data visualizations

The Goal:

Understand, design, and implement an interactive user interface that leverages the power of the existing custom client solutions including the cloud architecture, real-time processing performance, and computational experience (R studio/Jupyter). Deliver an off-the-shelf, configurable, platform product that significantly grows our user base from bioinformaticians to include clinical researchers thereby expanding our biopharma market share and providing cross-sell opportunities.


  • Solution-layer:
    1-3 months
    • 2 scrum teams dedicated to the product delivery.
    • 1 scrum team exploring new product ideas.
  • Program-Layer:
    3-18 months
    • Product core team including Principal Product Manager, Scientific Liaison, Architect, and Principal Product Designer
  • Portfolio-Layer:
    1-5 years
    • SVP Scientific Strategy, VP Product & Design, Chief Architect, Chief Technology Officer


  • Storytelling

  • Service Design Workshops

  • Scientific & Clinical Stakeholder Collaboration

  • User Research

  • Wireframe & Prototype
  • Data Visualization


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