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LITS - Mount Holyoke College Library and Technology Redesign

LITS is one of three dozen academic higher education merged library and technology divisions in North America. It is leading innovation in research through the integration of technology with library services. LITS is an anacronym for Library, Information, and Technology Services.

Project overview / Challenge

To design and build a highly effective, information rich web application that is mobile friendly and user-centered at its heart. Design and engineer a unified search to surface less visible, mission critical content from numerous sources. Overhaul the navigation to provide an intuitive experience thereby increasing accessibility and comprehension.

In this UX research, information architecture, and visual redesign, I conducted user interviews to understand student, faculty, alumnae, and staff perspectives of LITS. I did discovery analysis and diagrammed a comprehensive information architecture (IA). I led a full day content writing workshop to define voice and tone. I overhauled search, crafted a visual design, and completed moderated testing of our navigation.

My Roles

  • Discovery & User Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Product Designer
  • Prototyping
  • Mentor

The Users

10K Alumnae

2200 Students

450 Faculty

800 Staff

12 Stakeholders