I am passionate about empowering people and teams to transform the norm with innovation. It starts with the incubation of ideas using data-driven, systems, and design thinking methodologies that form the foundation for future-proofed products. I encourage teams to be curious about context of the products they are working on, the larger ecosystem, and the technology underpinnings. This leads to the realization of interconnections and opportunities for ingenuity that drives revenue, customer engagement, and advocacy over time. You’ll find the products I deliver are lasting, because holistic thought was applied from the outset.


'Data As a Service' Product

Data Templates, Governance, & Automation Frameworks

Mount Holyoke College

Integration of Technology with Library Services

Digital & Physical Wayfinding, Unified Search

CVS Health

One Identity, One Login, One Account

Member Experience, Onboarding

Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.