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I help time-pressured executives who are struggling with their team's multiple good ideas evaluate which of these ideas to focus on. With my outcomes-based product strategy and actionable roadmap, the executive team gets everything they need to deliver predictable product–market fit and achieve sustainable revenue. 

I specialize in creating and launching successful digital products and services by applying my expertise in business strategy, deep customer and market understanding, and strong leadership in managing teams and processes across the end-to-end product development lifecycle.

Product Development Lifecycle
Product Development Lifecycle


My journey into product leadership began as a CEO and Founder of a product design studio where I led the development and delivery of over 100 digital applications across various industries. I built lasting customer relationships, continually improved the products as their needs expanded, and achieved a remarkable fourfold growth over seven years. Following the sale of my company, I transitioned to corporate product management and design, gaining valuable experience across startups, mid-growth companies, and large enterprises.

Over the past five years, I've focused on healthcare, big data analysis, precision medicine, and biotechnology. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded impactful initiatives, including formulating global product strategies, securing substantial fundraising, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, and scaling market offerings post-Series A funding.

Visualizing the Product Development Roadmap
Visualizing the Product Development Lifecycle within an Organization

Notable Achievements

  • Orchestrated a swift delivery of high-impact SAAS use cases, securing $2.7M in fundraising for a pharma-health regulator connectivity product in under 3 months.
  • Achieved a significant 33% adoption rate and revenue gains among R&D customers by creating and scaling a user-friendly solution for high throughput data analysis. Accountable for managing multiple priorities & projects.
  • Ensured the success of our data-at-scale platform products by developing a product strategy, actionable roadmap, and content strategy for onboarding/technical training while managing a $3.8m budget to maximize ROI.
  • Set KPI’s for precise outcomes tracking and implemented Pendo product-analytics to assess initiative effectiveness.
  • Managed a global team of 31 members, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration with a 0% attrition rate.

Selected Use Cases

Data visualization, Advanced queries Data visualization, Advanced queries

Seven Bridges Genomics

Healthcare Analytics Platform Product

Data Discovery, Analysis, & Insights at Scale

Seven Bridges Genomics

'Data As a Service' Product

Data Templates, Governance, & Automation Frameworks

CVS Health

One Identity, One Login, One Account

Member Experience, Onboarding

Artisan Web and Print

Clinical Informatics Product Marketing

Persona Development, Brand