My name is Dawn Russell

I am an enterprise information architect and UX design strategist at CVS Health.

In my 12 years of working in enterprise and agency B2B and B2C environments, I have become adept at applying user-centered design thinking and research to measurably improve the services and products that comprise a customer's experience.

My passion is to cultivate and guide diverse, inclusive, cross-functional teams to drive organizational alignment and produce value (for the customer and business) thereby increasing revenue. I craft innovative and lasting design solutions when connected across the discovery, user research, product strategy, UX and visual design lifecycle.

Dawn Russell



Value alignment
Garner stakeholder and team buy-in through aligning business requirements, user needs, and the problem frame. Evaluate services and products with heuristic, competitive, and data-driven metrics analysis.


Curiosity becomes clarity
Insight - UX Design, Dawn Russell
Conduct discovery interviews, diary studies, and surveys. Develop personas, journey maps, and user workflows. Card sort and draft content strategy. Produce low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes.


Making meaning for our users
Interface - UX design, Dawn Russell
Design and refine the visual and interactive elements, improve the information architecture by incorporating user needs and preferences, design for usability, accessibility & efficiency.


Visual Design and Design Ops
Produce high fidelity interactive prototype(s), build symbols and patterns in the design system, collaborate closely with front-end engineers, and consistently enhance features to improve customer adoption and engagement. Usability testing, a/b testing, iteration, and delivery.

Public Projects

For more recent proprietary projects, please contact me.

Mount Holyoke College Menu

Product Strategy
User Research
UX Design
Visual Design
2017-2018 | Lead a team that incorporated metrics, personas, surveys, prototyping, and moderated user testing to redesign and build a web and mobile menu product for the college.
Mount Holyoke College Menu


Content strategy
Visual design
UI development
2015-2017 | Complete brand redesign to update a legacy site and graphic materials with the goal of making the content more accessible to key decision makers within health care organizations.
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Tasha Tudor and Family

Information architecture
UX design
Visual design
UI development
2016-2017 | Design and build an information architecture that unified an ecommerce platform, blog, recipe feed, and tours into a community-based, singular brand experience.
Tasha Tudor and Family - 3 Views


Information architecture
UX design
Visual design
UI development
2015-2017 | Design and build an ecommerce platform fueld by a subscription based arts collective model. End-to-end rebranding of graphic materials and web based products.
Artrageus1 - 3 Views

Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.