Vermont's Local Banquet

Vermont's Local Banquet is a quarterly magazine that has been devoted to covering local food, sustainable farming, and the many people building the Vermont food system since 2007. 


Vermont's Local Banquet contacted Artisan Web and Print with the goal of turning their static website with articles dating back to 2007 into a dynamic website with tagging, nested categories, recipes, social media integration, directories, and calendar of events. Our first task was to analyze the highly complicated, rich content of the site and design a comprehensive site architecture that would prove to be easy for their readers to navigate and discover new information. Their Joomla! website is built with a Content Construction Kit that includes an events calendar for the state of Vermont, six state directories for farmers' markets, apple picking, distilleries, meat producers, berry picking and beer producers, a full cookbook of locally crafted recipes in all meal categories, and a shopping cart for back issues. The custom website template is responsive design and works across all mobile devices.


  • Complex site architecture that is easy for the user to navigate.
  • 10 content construction app instances to organize content.
  • Fully customized forms to make entering content easy for the client.
  • Custom mobile friendly template for Joomla! CMS.
  • Slideshows that link to content by issue.
  • Shopping cart for back issues that integrates with Paypal.

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