The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place provides Adult Day services to promote empowerment, independence and quality of life for elders, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.


The Gathering Place was in need of a complete rebranding to align with it's new directors vision.  For this project, they needed a logo, brochure, newsletter and website that was unified and conveyed clarity about their organization.


  • Customize a Joomla Bamboo template (EcoLift) with CSS 2.0/ CSS 3.0
  • Collaborate with the board of directors to design a new logo
  • Redevelop the branding, look and feel to better convey their caring mission
  • Craft a donations component to the website to encourage fundraising.
  • Design a newsletter for print that could be maintained in Word.
  • Design a brochure for the organization that is elegant, handcrafted, and useful.
  • Develop innovative navigation that encourages learning and exploration.
  • Setup a blog that shares the "Daily Lives" of the program attendees.
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