Musings - Blog Launch for Artisan Web and Print

I'm very excited by the launch of my new blog at the prompting of Nancy Madru, a Doula Consultant and owner of  At its minimum, this blog will serve like a remembrance chart outlining my journey through the world of information technology as both a web and graphic designer who supports the marketing needs of local, regional and national brands.  I embrace the idea that a blog can serve as a form of giving back to the community; in this way, I plan to share my revelations, experiences, techniques and solutions in a diary style prose. 

Oftentimes, I'll be working on a website or design problem for a client and the solution cannot be found on the internet or in reference books.  In these instances, I'll pull up our blog and detail the problem and solutions I've found to successfully meet the goals of the client.  I work in an unorthodox manner when I design websites, considering any problem fair game for innovation and a fresh approach.  In this way, I hope the blog will be a bit geeky while still keeping you engaged.

A little about me:

On the one hand

I am designer and a developer. I work in print and I work virtually. Essentially I bring my extensive training in fine art and craft to the table to meet my clients need. More often than not, you'll find me strategizing and build custom-designed websites in Joomla! and Wordpress, both of which are content management systems that offer powerful built in features.  This is an exciting time in history because the small business can now compete with large corporations in their internet-based advertising and website features.  Joomla! and Wordpress provide us with open source tools that provide powerful functionality like slideshows, updating your own content, access level permissions, events managemet, registration and Ecommerce.  Within a typical project, I'll begin by custom designing a style guide with unique fonts, colors, and handcrafted elements; then, I'll translate those branded elements into a responsive template that incorporates Search Engine Optimizated navigation to both convey the feeling and ideology of the client while ensuring their projects success. 

On the other hand

I am the director of My Artisan Web, a Joomla! hosting company that stretches outside of the mold by offering their subscribers hands on tutorials, long term maintenance and support as they manage their website.  This business pushes me to find ways to bridge our technological knowledge with anyone that wants to manage their own website in house. It is a perfect partnership for many small to medium sized individuals and businesses who don't have the budget to hire an in house team.  I work closely with our subscribers so they are successful in achieving their goals which means I'm involved in brainstorming marketing and search engine optimization solutions for a myriad of problems over time.  I have the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world.


Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.