Joomla! World Conference 2016 - Vancouver BC


The Joomla! World Conference returns for the fifth year, bringing together Joomla's global community for a conference of learning, sharing, collaborating, and strategic planning. This annual web development conference brings together leaders in the field to share ideas and pioneer new territories. Artisan Web and Print's Creative Director, Dawn Russell, will present the elements that form the backbone of a successful web based business. Join us at the annual Joomla! World Conference this weekend in Vancouver, BC.


Business is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

In this fast-paced comprehensive presentation Dawn will share the elements that, when joined together, form the essence of a successful web based business. This presentation is fine-tuned for Design Studios, Software Developers, and Maintenance Firms and evolved out of a curiosity around how to grow a web based business in a balanced and sustained way. Due to the lack of information available in our field, Dawn conducted in depth interviews with successful Joomla! based companies like Polished Geek and Hikashop to further enhance the content and its relevance.

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