Symbolic Storytelling

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

A momentous amount of information can be conveyed through a visual story. In today’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual world, symbolism and imagery can play a key role in conveying ideas and information more directly. Culturally, we have begun to recognize highly complex concepts through a simple image or graphic. As a designer, I'm curious about the relationship between information architecture and its visual constituents. As I formulate a custom website, I consciously explore how graphic content combined with creative approaches to layout and surface can enhance a human connection cross culturally.

My education and experience in fine art and craft propels my designs by incorporating an in-depth awareness of how ideas and concepts have been expressed through visual and aesthetic mediums over the last century. By merging technology and the concepts garnered from the history of studio art, I work to expand the visual, palpable and symbolic possibilities for web based applications. The ultimate goal is to render designs that open the doors for cross cultural accessibility and improved dialogue across a wide spectrum of social communities.

Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.