Distinctive, Resonant Custom Web and Print Design

One of the reasons we formed Artisan Web and Print is to address the monotony we see on the internet and in printed material.  Yes, it is more financially prudent to develop a formula and squeeze everyone's business needs through it to increase profits.  However, our passion resides in delivering a product that pushes the boundaries of our creative imagination to best convey the subtleties of your identity - which is unique.  So, while we don't drive Audie's, we are living a rich interior life.  Our design approach embraces theidiosyncrasies inherent to your project which materializes in completely original aesthetic choices, imagery, navigation, and presentation of content.

Web Design

To develop a custom web design, we'll begin by collecting your imagery either through taking our own photographs during an on-site visit or through the receipt of images and documentation in a collaborative playground.  The goals for the project will be intermingled with the layout of the navigation to create a good flow for your end-users.  Typically we'll sketch in Photoshop and Illustrator and then move right into HTML and CSS so you can experience the application live on any number of browsers.  This way we can jump into the conversation about the application and how it looks and works right from the start.  This also moves the production schedule forward so you can begin entering content.  The final result will be a custom website design with a unique fluid template.  Our custom web designs are "fluid" which means they will adjust to fit mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.  You'll see that we design our navigation with larger buttons and/or images so they translate well to these touch devices for your users.  We continually study new developments in CSS and HTML to push the boundaries of our web design so it looks incredible on the newest browsers while still delivering content to older browsers installed in larger companies.

Print Design

Graphic design is most convincing when it seduces your audience to look, read, consider and then remember.  How is this accomplished in a world where we are inundated with media?  Psychology has been the predominant approach in advertising for the last twenty years.  We like to take a step outside of this approach and return to the symbolic expression found in turn of the century printers like Hatch show Print.  Richly made paper, pure colors, textures, collage/assemblage techniques and clear beautiful typography inform our graphic design pursuits.   Give us a letterpress, a freshly carved woodblock, and the smell of well-oiled machinery and we're happy.

Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.