Manage Your Own Website

Update Your Own Website

One of the wonderful advantages of working with Artisan Web and Print is that you will receive a website that you can manage yourself without having to call a web designer for assistance. You can upload your own photographs, add a hyperlink, add a calendar event, and check your form submission by simply logging into the administrative section of your website. We build all of our websites with a content management system that give you ultimate control, expandability, and ease of mind.

Custom Joomla Templates

What is Joomla!? Joomla is an open source content management system that has millions of users and hundreds of developers who work on it daily to provide the most current, flexible and expandable content mangement system that ranks in the top three in the world. We're currently building all of our sites in Joomla 2.5 and we're up to date on the new access level controls, designing custom templates for the platform, and Search Engine Optimization features akin to this system. There are very few web designers that can build a completely custom Joomla template which makes us unique. Oftentimes, you hear the phrase "That looks like a Joomla site. It's boxy and modulized." Well take a look at our portfolio and see what options exist - every site in the portfolio is built with Joomla.


Connect with me

I'm currently open to speaking engagements, collaborative exchange, and select, highly creative freelance projects. Please reach out and say hi.