Nurture The Mother

This summer I worked with Dawn Russell of Artisan Web & Print on migrating my original Joomla! website to Joomla! 3.4. Dawn had been instrumental in adding greater functionality to my old website and I looked forward to working with her again. I hadn’t worked regularly in the Joomla! dashboard, and I needed a refresher. With Dawn’s instructions and personalized tutorials, the dashboard started to make sense again, plus I learned some nifty new shortcuts, like editing articles from the front end, uploading and adding pictures to make articles more visually appealing, creating a contact page for resources that can be sorted by categories, and placing registration forms within the articles. It was a lot work!. But the website is so beautiful! I had no idea how fluid and deep and lovely it would be.

Things are always changing in my work and I need a dynamic website I can update regularly. The more I do, the more I appreciate how easy it is to work with the Joomla! dashboard. It is fun and intuitive. I can quickly add new articles and contacts and check on registrations. Dawn at Artisan Web & Print has made it all possible. Thanks, Dawn!

Nancy Madru

Owner, Nurture the Mother

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